Web Development Services

Linkalalab experts will help you immagine, project and create your new web site or application, using modern web technologies ranging from Web Content Management Systems to web application frameworks.

Services based on Drupal platform


Linkalab offers a complete range of professional services based on the Drupal CMS paltform. Our services include concept, design and development of a plain web site or of a complex web application based on Drupal. Linkalab technical team often uses Drupal in our research projects, where innovative IT web architectures are a key for success. Our approach is to combine Drupal with other middlewares and frameworks, using web services or asynchronous messaging. In our experience, some examples of perfect companions for Drupal include Fedora Commons (to develope digital libraries), python applications integrated via the Flask framework (to handle scientific data manipulation), mobile applications based of Sencha Touch framework.

We also use Drupal also as a framework for semantic web applications (as we did for the LinkedPA initiative). Our lab team often uses Drupal as a powerful tool on research activities and services related to the semantic web.

Linkalab offers support, development and consultancy services based on Drupal to its partners. Linkalab IT team is highly proficient and skilled on Drupal and can support complex application development on your projects. As an example, we have a strong partnership with Blue Spark Drupal shop. Our team activities are perfectly integrated in their project management organization by using a combination of remote collaboration, team management and time tracking tools (Jira), code versioning (git) and continuous integration environments combined with all the most advanced development methodologies and configuration management practices on Drupal. 

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