Linkalab provides research services to private companies and the public administration, which have the need to study and optimize systems and processes that  can be described through the paradigm of Complex Systems and Network Theory.

To this end Linkalab has developed software tools and methodologies that let it to quickly explore and solve problems, and get to their solutions.

In particular we have developed a software platform based on a c++/python library (pyCN) letting our analysts a rapid prototyping approach of the problem under investigation and a full featured set of tools for its analysis. Recently pyCN, developed in the beginning for a single processor architecture, has been extended to take advantage of the new Cloud Computing platforms which, besides the distribution of the calculation to multiple processors, is able to manage very large size datasets (BigData). This result has been possible also for the acquisition of the Cloudera/Hadoop certification by our Chief Data Scientist Michelangelo Puliga. 

Cloudera - Hadoop

Linkalab pays a special a attention to the sharing, diffusion and transferring of the knowledge produced inside our Lab. A division is fully dedicated  to the development and configuration of on-line collaborative platforms. In this way we are able to keep in contact with the scientific community and to efficiently collaborate with our customers.

Linkalab provides different kind of services:

Linkalab will help you manage and analyze your data wherever it cames from social networks, intelligent devices, scientific experimets or other sources. We can leverage on our big data analysis platform to scale with your needs.

Linkalab can give your business a wide choice of data visualization tools to bring your data to life and make it interactive and enjoiable by the end user. We think data is worth a thousand words if it can be explored and visualized in a meaningful way for everyone.

Gli esperti Linkalab ti supporteranno per estendere la portata dei tuoi progetti commerciali e scientifici, utilizzando i tuoi stessi dati in modi nuovi. Possiamo aiutarti a utilizzare le tecnologie semantiche basate su RDF per modellare i tuoi dati e far leva Linked Open Data e sulle sue vaste risorse informative. Il nostro team può guidarti nel disegno e sviluppo di Application Programming Interface (API) perfette per pubblicare i tuoi dati su dispositivi mobile e su browser, rimanendo sempre standard, veloce e scalabile.

Linkalalab experts will help you immagine, project and create your new web site or application, using modern web technologies ranging from Web Content Management Systems to web application frameworks.